Frequently Asked Questions

Toy hire is free. 

Reasonable use policy applies to the number of toys you can hire in one go (5 is the general expectation, but more is fine if you have a special event).

General toys are hired for 2 weeks. Party Pack items are hired for 1 week.

If you are late returning a toy no fee will be charged for a further week if toys are returned late (or renewed). After this (three weeks), an overdue fee of $1 (per week, per item) may be charged until the toy is returned.

We understand that accidents do happen, but if a toy does get broken or pieces get lost, please try your best to fix, replace or make good - this includes batteries as it''s not possible for us to ensure that all toys have operational batteries on hire and return. If a toy or container is returned with missing or broken pieces, please tell us - we have some spare parts and a toy hospital so that we can ensure toys are kept in the best condition for everyone. If a toy or container is unusable on return you may be asked to contribute to the replacement cost.

We have four membership options to choose from:

  • $20 - 2 Month trial/casual membership (no volunteer requirement) which can be credited towards a full membership
  • $20 - Party Membership (2 months access and can book party items)
  • $40 - 12 month Volunteer membership (run library session two- three times a year) 
  • $120 - 12 month Non-Volunteer membership (no volunteer requirement) 

Fees are due by the end of April. If you are joining part way through a year then fees will be adjusted to how much time is left until the end of April.

Only our Party Pack items are reservable. This includes our bouncy castles, gazebo, roller coaster, bubble machine, tables, chairs and tableware sets. Search in the TOYS tab under the PARTY category to see more.

However if there is something you really want to try, or need for a special occasion, let us know and we can put it aside for you.

Log in to the members page, and search for the toy you want, or by the PARTY category in the toys section. From there you can reserve party pack items for one week at a time.

You need to be a member to book our party hire items, and we have a special $20 Casual/Party Membership type for this. Go to 'Join Now' when you are ready and choose the Party Membership option. No payment is required until you have confirmed the dates you want to book, which you can do on our Member website once you have signed up.


Different prices apply to different membership types and items. See our full list of items and charges.

This covers the cost of reserving and maintaining these items. Still a lot less than hiring elsewhere!

As a ''Retail'' category organisation, our library is open to all members, with no requirement for Vaccination Passes, regardless of what setting we are at (Red/Orange/Green). We do however have strong measures and systems in place to remain accessible to all of our community, while keeping the risk of infection low.

  • Please stay home if you are unwell
  • Minimise the attendance of children if you can 
  • Masks must be worn
  • Use sanitiser as you come in
  • Scan in for Covid-19 tracing or sign in manually
  • Capacity limit of 20 people at a time in Orange/Red
  • Please maintain 1m physical distance from librarian
  • Place your returned toys in the quarantine area, or back on the shelves with laminated ''Next Hire'' date provided by librarian