Term and Condition

Membership Terms and Conditions

  1. Hire fees are no longer charged. Membership fees cover toy rental. 
  2. Toy hire is for 2 weeks. 
  3. If toys are returned more than one week late then $1 per toy per week will be charged until the toy is returned. 
  4. We love our toys and ask that you please take extra special care with them so we can all enjoy them for a long time. We do understand that accidents happen and if a toy gets broken or has a part that gets broken please let us know when it is returned so this can be fixed.  If a toy is returned unusable you may be asked to replace the toy.
  5. Please check you have received all the parts when you first hire the toys.
  6. Please clean/wipe toys before returning them. While the toys are in your care please take extra care to look after them, i.e., don’t leave toys outside in the sun/rain if not in use even if considered outdoor toys.
  7. The Omokoroa Toy Library accepts no responsibility for any accidents occurring with toys from our lending library. All responsibility belongs to the caregiver and/or hirer.
  8. We are a non-profit organisation and all money received is put back into new toys and running costs.
  9. The Omokoroa Toy Library is currently open Saturday mornings 9.30-11am and all sessions are run by members on a voluntary basis. The opening hours are subject to change as deemed necessary by the committee.
  10. VOLUNTEERING MEMBERS ONLY: You agree to run a Toy Library session at least twice a year, this requirement may increase to three at times depending on members numbers.